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I Still Care [8/14]

I Still Care [8/14]

Yesung/Ryeowook, a few ninjas
R | Romance, Drama
Life was never particularly kind to Ryeowook. If it meant indulging him in the riches, opportunies thrown at him, then he doesn't need that kindness. All he wanted is a friend, but it's much too hard to ask for.
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, weapons, some vulgar slips, insanely OOC

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“CHEERS!” We all clicked our glasses of alcohol/juice together. We rarely go out to bars but today is special. We just finished recording all our songs on our debut album. I hope it gets good responses; I even started to stay after practice to perfect the dance.

The days until we debut is getting closer and closer. I wonder what the reaction will be when we debut... Will it be good or bad? Will they like our song?! Will we have fans? Will they cheer for us? All these questions pop up in my mind and it adds on to my nervousness.

I glanced around the bar. I don’t want to see any of my friends here. I’m a regular here so the minute I walked in, the whole bar practically greeted me. It’s not like I don’t want to be seen with Super Junior but my friends are ignorant sometimes. They can say the most conceited things too.


It was really nice here. It felt like the club was alive; the floor vibrating to the music. I couldn’t help but sway to the music. I stared at the intoxicated bodies dancing on the dance floor; I had the impulse to barge in and just dance until my legs get sore.

“Let’s go dance, Hyukjae,” Shindong said while grabbing my arms. I didn’t hesitate to get up but accidentally bumped into someone while getting up.

“Oh, sorry,” I apologized while the person just scowled at me. He just continued to walk where he was headed.

When I got there, Donghae was already there, grabbing all of the attention.

“Wanna compete to see whose better?” I asked while smirking at everyone.

“Sure, I’m sorry, I’m going to be winning though,” Hangeng mocked before heading to the center.


Ryeowook kept looking nervously, checking every inch of the club.

“Is something wrong?” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

He shook his head, “No, everyone’s okay.” He smiled while taking another sip at his alcohol.

“RYEOWOOK! IS THAT YOU?!” A loud voice shouted while Ryeowook just sighed in response. He looked at us and he frowned. I heard Kangin get up from his seat followed by Leeteuk whispering something inaudible to him.

“Hey Ivan…” he sarcastically replied, trying to sound happy. I laugh at his effects to sound happy, while his friends continued to glare me down.

“Hey, so I have something to show you,” he told Ryeowook while casually putting an arm around his shoulder and was trying to lead him away.

“Be back later,” Ryeowook mumbled before leaving the table. My eyes followed Ryeowook’s every movement. They were talking happily at first, he trying to show enthusiasm in the conversation while his friend slowly placed something in his palms. Ryeowook looked at his friend with disgust and threw the package at him. He marches back to the table and the guy mumbled something.

Suddenly Ryeowook turned around on his heels and punched the guy in the face. His friend fell and was using the table to support him.

Everyone turned to stare at the commotion and even the workers came to try to stop them. We all tried to pull him back and he tried to pull free from our holds but Kangin is Kangin; no one can break free from his hold.

Ryeowook’s friend regained his balance and was about to leave before he muttered, “you’ll regret this.”

“Yeah…I will for sure,” he mumbled. Ryeowook's friend slowly got up and left the bar with an angry expression.

“Anyways! Let’s get back to what we were doing,” Ryeowook suggested before happily heading back.

He caught my eyes looking at him, and I mouthed out, ‘are you okay?’ He smiled and gave me a thumb up.


Ivan rested his arm around my shoulder, trying to drag me away. My goodness, why the rush?

I unwillingly got out of my seat and followed him out.

“So, why the rush?” I asked while stealing a glance at the back table.

“I got some new candy,” he answered while showing me a package of ecstasy, drugs. If it was the old Ryeowook, I would smirk and gladly accept it. Now I’m just rolling my eyes at him, wondering how I could ever enjoy intoxicating my body with this garbage. How many times have I been to the hospital to get a gastric lavage?

“I don’t want it,” I replied to him. He looked at me with surprise and disbelief in his eyes. I never rejected him before but I know better now.

“Are you kidding me? I got this just for you.” He said, slightly angry at my choice.

“I just said I don’t want it. Are you deaf?” I snapped back.

“I get it…you don’t want your friends to see, here…” he whispered while slipping it in my hands.

“I. DON’T. WANT. IT.” I emphasized, punctuating each word and threw the package back at him; looks like our friendship is over.

I turned around and was going to make my way back when I heard him mumble something. “Go back to your poor lowlife friends.”

I curled up my fist and turned around and threw my anger at him.

Insulting me is okay, but insulting my friends is another story.


“Give me your hand,” I instructed while showing my palm towards him. He at first seems reluctant but held out his hand anyway.

“Hmm…it doesn’t seem like there are any injuries,” I said while examining it.

“Since when did you become a doctor?” He asked while laughing.

“Can’t I care about you?!” I replied. Laughter erupted at the table and the atmosphere soon returned to normal.


“Oh! Nice to see you again!” Ryeowook’s grandmother said with excitement while holding onto my hands. Ryeowook cleared his throat as indication for his grandmother to let go. Honestly, I don’t mind this at all, I find it…nice, and heartwarming.

“Nonsense, Ryeowook.” His grandmother responded while happily shaking my hands.

“Just let her do as she pleases, she rarely gets this happy over your ‘friends,’” Ryeowook’s grandfather whispered.

“He’s different from Ryeowook’s friends, he’s Ryeowook’s boyfriend.” She corrected and emphasize ‘boyfriend,’

That’s when Ryeowook really started to cough and I just awkwardly laugh in response.

“Call me grandmother,” she said while patting my arms. That’s when Ryeowook finally spoke up.

“Grandmother…let go of his hand,” Ryeowook muttered while breaking her hold on me.

“He’s a lovely boy, Ryeowook,” she complimented while Ryeowook just nodded.

“Too bad I won’t have any great grandchildren in the future,” she added while frowning. She’s so playful; it’s really easy to talk to her.

A light blush danced on Ryeowook’s face and he was starring at the floor.

“But there’s always adoption,” I suggested while laughing. She laughed with me, and I knew that we would get along.

“Yes, yes, I know; now let me get your medicine,” Ryeowook said before rushing out the door to avoid the awkward conversation that was awaiting him. He left me for his grandparents to interrogate, nice.

“Look at our grandson go,” his grandfather said while sticking his head out the door.

“He’s fast to avoid conversations like these,” his grandmother chuckled. “Thank you, Yesung, for changing him. The twinkle in his eye is slowly being reignited.”

“It’s nothing really, it just happened naturally,” I replied. I don’t think I deserve that much credit; it all happened in a blur.

“Nonsense, you played a big role!” She insisted. It looks like the twinkle in her eyes returned as well. It’s funny how one person changing affects so many people.


“So Ryeowook, are you thinking of telling your parents about your boyfriend?” Grandfather asked.

“No.” He replied right after, a short answer.

“Why not? They ARE your parents,” he replied, emphasizing on the ARE.

“They DON’T act like my parents,” he responded while staring at the floor. I hated to hear his voice so cold, so uncaring. If he spoke to me like this, I don’t know how to react. My heart would be torn to pieces and I would stand there…letting the pain slowly take over me.

“Anyways, all I need is you guys!” Ryeowook cheerfully replied while grabbing all three of our hands. I felt bliss that Wookie included me in this tight circle with his grandparents but I can’t help but wonder what Wookie’s parents are like? His parents appear on the news often; they seem to really care about their image and all. What would they think of me? My thoughts were soon replaced with happiness when Ryeowook touched my hand; with his every touch, my mind goes blank. I smile in response and give his hand a little squeeze.


Sorry for the lack of updates :O I just noticed my last update was like 3 weeks ago T___T School started like 2 weeks ago...and I'm literally [i]struggling[/i] to do my homework. [s]Art of procasination.[/s]

I promise I'll try to do one update a week ^^

Happy Reading guys <3
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