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I Still Care [2/14]

I Still Care [2/14]

Yesung/Ryeowook, a few ninjas
R | Romance, Drama
Life was never particularly kind to Ryeowook. If it meant indulging him in the riches, opportunies thrown at him, then he doesn't need that kindness. All he wanted is a friend, but it's much too hard to ask for.
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, weapons, some vulgar slips, insanely OOC



Author’s Note: I got inspiration after watching Wookie in the Bonamana perf. Don’t hate me for making him so…cruel and mean.


[Leeteuk’s POV]

“Kim Ryeowook, you skipped training yesterday…AGAIN!” Chunhwa, my trainer sighed.

“I know,” he simply replied while walking past him.

Aissh…Ryeowook, do you want to get expelled before we even debuted?

“I’m sorry hyung, I promise it won’t happen again,” I apologized on behalf of Ryeowook.

“Yes hyung, please don’t get mad at him.” Yesung pleaded beside me.

Chunhwa sighed again, “you guys can’t always be begging for him. Don’t let it happen again. Class will start in 5 minutes...”

“Thank you hyung,” We both bowed down 90%.

Ryeowook finally spoke up, "you know…you don’t need to apologize in my place…I know what I did.”

Kangin suddenly grabbed Ryeowook by the collar. “If you knew what you did, then stop acting like a jerk.”

Everyone tried to get Kangin to calm down but Ryeowook kept adding oil to the fire.

“What right do you have to tell me what to do?” If looks could kill, Ryeowook’s glare could kill Kangin right now.

“Why you little…” Kangin lifted his fist.

“KANGIN, STOP!” I held on to his fist. “Please…don’t…”

He glanced at me and saw my eyes. He released his grip on Ryeowook’s collar.

“I’m sorry, I got too angry.” He pulled me into a hug.

I hugged back, “it’s okay, dear.”

Ryeowook just walked off to the training room.

Ryeowook…why do you block us out of your life like this? It makes it impossible to talk to you. We all knew about Ryeowook’s past, he mostly stayed with his grandparents, or his nannies. Neglected by his parents, he was always alone. So to satisfied himself, he goes out partying with girls. The other members tried to talk to him at first but, he just smirked and ignored us. We really want to get close to him…I feel ashamed of myself. As the leader, I can’t do anything to help him, I don’t even know anything about him.

I felt a pat on my shoulder.“Hyung…it’s time to go. Don’t blame yourself for his behavior.”

“How can I NOT blame myself Kangin? I’m the leader and yet I don’t understand my members.” I shrugged, staring at the floor.

“You put too much pressure on yourself, Teukie…Just let Yesung take care of it…he seems to be interested in him. Let’s just go!” Kangin grabbed my hand and dragged me to the practice room.

We were all practicing the dance routine when Yesung suddenly tripped and fell.

I ran over there and helped Yesung up, “Yesung, are you okay?”

“I’m fine hyung, I was just sleeping for a split second.” Yesung smiled, showing us that he was okay. He started to walk a little and almost fell again. Luckily, someone grabbed him in time. It was Ryeowook. Ryeowooks’ eyes were filled with concern for a split second, but were quickly replaced with coldness.

I’m not surprised Yesung’s tired. He’s been struggling with the dance routine and stayed 2 hours later than everyone else just to practice it. On top of that, he has to keep up with his vocal trainings too. He's exhausted.

“Hyung, if you’re tired, rest.” Ryeowook wasn’t asking Yesung to rest, he was commanding him to rest. His voice made it clear that there would be consequences if he failed to follow.

“I’ll go get the first aid kit.” Ryeowook said without turning back.

Everyone looked at Ryeowook stunned; he actually offered to help. From the very beginning, Ryeowook showed signs that he didn’t want to get close to any of us. No matter how hard we tried, he could never open up to us…

I cross my arms in confusion. Ryeowook, you were concern for Yesung, weren’t you? Why did you run away from us, were you afraid to show more of your true feeling? Why won’t you show us more of your caring side instead of blocking us out?


I could hear Ryeowook getting ready to sneak out again. It’s not my fault; I’m a light sleeper. I woke up the moment his phone rang, but this time…it was different. Ryeowook answered the phone with concern in his voice and got ready right away. Usually, he would sound annoyed and reluctantly got ready.

I heard the soft click of the door and got up right away. I grabbed my coat and hurried out the door to follow Ryeowook.

I flagged a taxi and got in.

“Please, follow the taxi ahead of us.”

“Alright, sir.”

The ride was short and we arrived in front of a hospital. That’s strange... Ryeowook usually goes to a bar or club…

He ran into the hospital in a hurry.

I almost lost track of him, but saw him at the counter.

“Excuse miss, where is Ms. Kim Junhye staying?”

The nurse flushed red. I smirked. Ryeowook is good looking and can charm almost any girl. “She’s staying in room 219. Go to the evaluator and go left and then keep walking straight.”

“Thanks.” He raced towards the evaluator. I’ve never seen Ryeowook so jumpy before. Well, I guess there’s a first for everything.

I saw room 219, and peeked inside to see Ryeowook and 2 old people…probably his grandparents.


I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Who the hell is calling me at this time?

I peered at the caller ID and was filled with concern.

I flipped the phone open immediately. “Hello, grandpa?“

“Sorry to bother you Wookie…your grandma got into the hospital, yesterday and she refuses to take her medication.”

“WHAT?! Grandma got into the hospital?!” was all I managed to say.

“Yes, for eating unclean food…Can you come and try to persuade her to take her medication? She always listens to you.”

“Grandpa, I’ll be there within 10 minutes. Tell her to wait for me.” With that, I grabbed everything and raced out the door.

My grandparents mean a lot to me. In fact, I love them more than my parents. They were my guardians during school and cared for me. I love them very much and would do anything for them.

I was in front of room 219 in a flash.

I sighed while walking in.

I stopped at her bed and sat down on the side.“Grandma…why won’t you take your medicine?”

My grandma sighed and pinched my cheeks. “Wookie…you haven’t visited me in a while and you’ve gotten much thinner, are they abusing you?”

I laughed and placed my hand on top of her hand. “Sorry grandma, I’m busy lately with training. I think I might actually like singing.”

My grandpa spoke up, “Finally our prince found something he’s interested in. Even if you like singing, you shouldn’t let your health decrease.”

I smiled, “I know grandpa, and I’ll take care of my health.”

I turned to my grandma, “Why aren’t you taking your medicine?”

“Wookie, you have no idea how gross it tastes…I already tried it yesterday and I don’t want to experience it again.”

I sigh at my grandma’s childish personality. She never liked medicine, but she was always trying out strange food that could end her up in the hospital.

“I'll tell you this, grandma…every time you take a sip of your medicine, I’ll sip some of the medicine too, but from a different cup. So, both of us will have to go through the same torture.” I laughed at the end, this was one of the ways she would drink it.

My grandpa rolled his eyes.

My grandma smiled in return, she already agrees. “Sure! Kiyoon, go get the medicine.” She said, as she shooed my grandpa away to get the medicine.

While leaving, he whispered in my ears, “Only you could get her to drink the medicine.”

I smiled knowing I could help.

The medicine didn’t taste good at all, I understood why she was so reluctant to drink it…but for the sake of her, I drank it happily.

“See, it wasn’t so bad.” I turned the cup upside down to show that it’s empty.

“I guess it wasn’t so bad…” She yawned and started stretching. “Wookie, I’m getting sleepy.”

“Then, get to bed grandma, it’s late.” I said while grandpa help tuck her in.

“You better visit more often!” My grandma warned before closing her eyes.

“Good night, grandma,” I said while kissing her forehead. This was the same thing she did when I was little.

“Good night, Wookie.” Then she fell asleep soundly. Grandpa and I both headed out quietly. From the corner of my eye, I saw Yesung rounding a corner.

“Sorry Wookie, to bother you so late.” Grandpa said, while looking inside the room.

“It’s okay, grandpa. If you need me for anything, feel free to call anytime.” I said, while putting an arm on his shoulder.

Grandpa let out a sigh, “She really missed you and insisted that you must come.”

“I miss you guys too.” I was tired to death, but tried not to show it.

“Wookie…you looked restless, go home and rest all you can.” Grandpa could see through me really easily.

“But…” I trailed off.

“Go Wookie or I won’t call you next time.” Grandpa demanded. Now I see where some of my traits come from.

I hugged him good bye and went to get a taxi.

I stopped in the middle of my track.


I’ve never seen Ryeowook smile so affectionately before. He always smirks and sneered, but never smiled. The way he treats his grandparents are full of love. I want to see more of his gentle side, and see him smile like that, but towards me the same way. I know I’m getting greedy, but I can’t help it.

Lost in my train of thoughts, I didn’t notice that Ryeowook stopped walking. I looked to the left and right, we’re in a parking lot, which means…, no where to hide.

“You know Yesung, you look really weird in those pajama bottom of yours.”

I peered down to see my bird patterned pajama pants. They do look weird, but I was in a rush to catch up to him, so I didn’t have time to think or change.

“Haha, I noticed.” I replied back.

“Bet you were surprised, I wasn’t at some bar making out with a girl,” Ryeowook teased.

He’s in a good mood right now; maybe he should visit his grandparents more often and show this side to everyone else. Maybe everyone’s perspective of him will change.

“Why don’t you show that tender side towards us, Ryeowook?” I covered my mouth; I didn’t know I said that out loud.

Ryeowook just continued to walk in silence and flagged a taxi. Why aren’t you replying Ryeowook? The silence is even worse than you telling me to mind my own business.

“Well…are you going to get in?” Ryeowook asked in an annoyed tone.

“Wh..wha…what?” I stumbled on my words. Did Ryeowook just ask me to get in the same taxi as him?

“You are going back to the dorms, aren’t you? Or do you have somewhere else to go?” Ryeowook asked emphasising on ‘somewhere else to go.’

“Yes, I’m going back to the dorms.” I got into the taxi in a flash.

On the way back, I couldn’t help but smile.


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