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three years and some months

three years and some months
PG | Angst, Romance | 250 words 
time doesn’t stop for anyone but jaejoong wish it did, just for him.
Warnings: all written in lowercase

jaejoong stares at his screen. 0 unread messages. He forgets how long it’s been but he knows it’s been vaguely 3 years and some months, and maybe, many more to come. he sometimes wonders if the other party didn’t read his messages because of the constant changes or simply because, it’s his obligation to say that. the other party owes it to sm to say it, jaejoong, yoochun and junsu were (and still are) tired of being in this supposed debt.

yunho wonders if he chose the right words. he doesn’t want to intentionally hurt the other party; he doesn’t know what’s right and wrong anymore. he just didn’t want to lose the thing closest to the five of them but ultimately, he lost the thing he was trying to protect.

life goes on, or so jaejoong reminds himself. From filming dramas to music videos to commercials, he tries to forget but every night when alcohol doesn’t fog his vision and numb his heart, it hurts. he thinks he’ll break but he carries on. time doesn’t stop for anyone but jaejoong wish it did, just for him.

through theories and a lot of thinking, he concludes that they were young and inexperienced, simply bored. words were easily rattled off their tongues and cherished, and believed to be true. they probably were true, at that moment, in that time but now, they’re nothing but fabrications, lies.

jaejoong thinks yunho was bored. he checks his phone and it’s the same. 0 unread messages. is yunho still bored?

a/n: I still have so much to update which I am apologetic for. I have this awful case of writer's block and suddenly, this idea came up. I miss my dbsk otp dearly and it breaks my heart to write this but I'm happy with how it came out. 
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