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I Still Care [13/14]

I Still Care [13/14]

Yesung/Ryeowook, a few ninjas
R | Romance, Drama
Life was never particularly kind to Ryeowook. If it meant indulging him in the riches, opportunies thrown at him, then he doesn't need that kindness. All he wanted is a friend, but it's much too hard to ask for.
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, weapons, some vulgar slips, insanely OOC

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What's this you see? 2 updates in one week? Yes, you're not going crazy~ It's true ^^ I originally planned for chapter 12 and 13 to be one chapter but I felt that it was way too long and eventful so I decided to split it into two chapters :) Thanks for the comments from the last chapter ^^ Silent readers, I know you're out there D:< Also, I recently change the font of my LJ, does it make it easier to read? I never knew it was like that because I've been using IE and it doesn't show it so when I went on my LJ from firefox or chrome, I was surprise at the font so I decided to change it ^^

Anyway, enjoy this chapter ^^



“For now…we have no idea what Ryeowook’s up to but we know it has something to do with Ivan…” Heechul concluded while looking at the pictures Donghae took. I stare at the pictures myself when something caught my attention. I looked at one of the pictures more closely. The ring the guy in the hoodie was wearing; it had a crest on it. It was insanely small but the crest was easily visible. The crest belongs to one of the most famous gangs in Seoul and only people in the top positions could have one. How do I know this? One of that guys that go to the gym I go to, belongs in that gang and I accidently saw the ring one day. I guess the pressure from the gang was what made him spill his secrets to me. We couldn’t see the guy’s face but base on his clothing, he still looks young so it’s impressive for him to have one at such an early age.

“Hey, guys…I think I might know a little something about this,” I said while pointing to the ring. We all huddle closer and I explained everything about the ring to them.

“Okay…so Ivan’s involve with this gang, and Ryeowook is involved in Ivan’s situation. Since we know that Ryeowook hates Ivan’s guts, he’s probably thinking of getting revenge or something…” Kibum concluded while his eyes look distant. I stare at him in amazement and his analysis. It’s always those quiet ones that say the most remarkable things.

“This is not good. Depending on the extent of his revenge, he could go to jail,” Hangeng cried out worryingly and I saw Heechul giving him a pat on the shoulder.

“It’s probably not that bad. Ryeowook has a good conscience. He won’t do anything hasty,” Leeteuk said, trying to calm everyone down. Maybe we’re all overreacting, maybe Ryeowook isn’t doing something illegal like we think he is. He used to do them in the past and we know that he’s change since then…

“We should all follow Ryeowook or Ivan on the last day,” Kyuhyun suggested while we all nodded in agreement. Either way, we’ll all end up in the same place regardless of who we follow.

“So half of us follow Ryeowook, the other half follows Ivan,” I say while Sungmin took out a piece of paper and started to jot all of this down.


My hold on the duffle bag tightened, my anxiety taking over me. Calm down, Ivan…calm down. Nothing’s going to happen to you. You have this all plan out already; you’re going to leave Korea today and should meet with another friend when you arrive at your destination. You’ll never see Ryeowook again so that means that he won’t have a chance to plot against you. It isn’t safe anymore and base on the threat he sent you, I know he’s serious.

Suddenly, I heard some twigs snap behind me and I stop in my track. My senses were telling me that someone was following me…I turn around and was face-to-face with a smirking Ryeowook.


I cross my arms as Ivan slowly turn around to face me, fear struck. I smirk; I guess I still have that effect on him. Even after all these years, he is still scared of my presence.

“Ivan…where do you think you’re going?” I ask, though I know fully well where he’s heading. I may sound taunting but I guess it’s a little revenge for all that he’s done to me. In fact, I’m surprise I’m standing here, fully compose and resisting the urge to knock the senses out of him. That lying selfish bastard has been tricking me for who knows how long while he was plotting against me all this time…and even wanted to kill me. But yet, I’m being mature and is carrying out a civilized talk with him. Yesung would be proud to see this.

“It’s none of your business,” he responds a little too fast, giving away his nervousness in my presence.

I take a few steps forward and he stumbles back a bit but quickly regains his posture. I secretly smirk knowing that I have the upper hand. Sometimes when you know that you have the power, it makes you feel so good, so much more superior than anyone else. I honestly miss this feeling so much but I know that this feeling isn’t something I should be proud of.

“Well, I know where you’re going…and I want you to know that you’re not going anywhere…” I whisper and I see him get more scared than he already is. Somehow, my confidence seems to be bothering him because he looks like he wants to find a hole and hide underneath it.

“You don’t control me anymore, Ryeowook,” he spats out, his hands curling into tight fists and I let out a small ‘tsk’ at his reaction.

“I never said I did,” I said while raising an eyebrow at him. He seems to be really intimated by that. “You know why I’m here,” I tell Ivan while glaring at him; trying to send him my most menacing glare.

“Is it because of that guy…Yesung?” he responds, his fingers relax and the fist is gone.

“Obviously, you put some sort of drugs in my drink that night, didn’t you?” I said, feeling the anger and hurt from that night bubbling inside of me. It was my turn for my hands to curl into fists and I could feel my fingernails digging deep into my palms.

“So what if I did?” He said sarcastically, almost asking me what I would do to him if he did.

“Yesung ended up drinking my drink and is in this condition,” I say, waiting for his response. He smirks and I felt so disgusted by him.

“Yes, I did drug your drink. I wanted you to suffer, Kim Ryeowook but luck seems to always be on your side. Someone or something’s always there to save you. Yesung hastily drank your drink without even thinking, foiling my plans…but it didn’t fail entirely. You suffered a lot because of the guilt. It made me feel happy. I liked that feeling,” he said while grinning into space. At that moment, I wanted to wipe that stupid smile off his face. This selfish bastard.

“Don’t think you’ll be getting away with it,” I said while pulling something out of my pocket.

Suddenly, he lunges straight at me and I swiftly dodge out of the way thanks to my years of self defense class. Unfortunately though, the item I initially wanted to pull out fell out of my reach and was sprawl across the sand.


In a quick and flawless move, Ivan charges at Ryeowook and in that split second, Ryeowook dodge it surprising us all but we didn’t fail to miss that smirk that bypasses his face. To my horror, a gun suddenly flick through the air and landed right in front of us. Was that in Ryeowook’s pocket?! I stared wide eyed at the people around him while they all mirror my expression. I could hear some scratching sounds from my walkie talkie and I knew it was from Leeteuk.

“Heechul, come out! We have to stop them!” Leeteuk’s hysterical voice rang over the line.

“Got it, hyung,” I said before I shut him off.

I signaled for everyone to get out of our hiding places and I could hear low footsteps coming from the opposite side, probably the people on Leeteuk’s side. I quickly ran towards the gun and tuck it safely away in my pocket. Wouldn’t want it making another appearance. It felt so scary, having this weapon in my pocket. But at the same time, it could give you so much power...Aissh, Heechul, pay attention. Don't get too distracted. As we ran there to stop them, I could see the worried expression on everyone’s faces and couldn’t even imagine what shit we’ll be in later on when Lee Sooman finds out. But we’re Ryeowook's bandmates so we have to bail him out of whatever mess we find him in. Ryeowook can screw up as many times as he wants and he’ll always find us behind him, trying to steer him in the right direction. Anyways, what is there to life without failures?

In a blink of an eye, the two of them were separated with great difficulty. Now that things were somewhat less hectic, we could see a chaotic Ivan who was actually easy to tame and a angry blinded Ryeowook. He looks surprise to see us but nether less took the opportunity to break hold from our grasp but we held on to him tight. We didn’t want to lose him to his sick minded idea of revenge.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Ryeowook asks, turning all his anger from Ivan towards us.

“To stop you from doing anything stupid,” Kyuhyun replied, sounding just piss off as Ryeowook. I turn towards Kyuhyun like most of us were and stared at him with curiosity. To calm down a situation, you shouldn’t use anger, especially towards an emotionally unstable person. But for some reason the anger in his voice seem to bring Ryeowook to his senses because he stop struggling from our gasp and just glared at Kyuhyun.

“Is bringing justice to Yesung something stupid?” He counter attacks with a hint of taunt in his voice, almost mocking us to answer his question because if he asks us like that then of course, it isn’t wrong to bring justice to Yesung but if we’re doing it by using this method then it’s far from right.

“You know the answer to that question fully well. Of course, we’d want to bring justice to Yesung,” I spoke up, causing everyone’s attention to divert to me. “But if you’re going to use that method to bring justice to Yesung then you.are.fucking.wrong.” I punctuated the last four words with silence to emphasis how serious I was.

“If you think that throwing yourself into the realm of illegality will bring Yesung justice, you’re so wrong, Ryeowook. You’re giving him justice, but where’s yours? “ I ask, this time mocking him with my question, daring him to answer it.

“You could find yourself in jail, Ryeowook…” Sungmin whispers, his voice slicing through the icy silence that somehow envelopes us.

“We don’t want to see you like this, Ryeowook…losing you to yourself is okay, but losing you to the sins in this world…it’s not worth it,” Siwon mentions and we all manage to find ourselves in a circle, huddling closely together.

Ryeowook mumbles something before dropping to his knees, burying his face into his palms, a total mess of distress. Though the words were muffled, we all heard it loud and clear.

I fucked up so badly

A smile seem to spread across all of our faces as we all push forward to form a bone crushing bear hug. Mutters of, “it’s okay to mess up.” “Don’t worry, it happens.” “At least you know now.” were heard while few of us buried our faces onto our partners' shoulders.

Honestly, it’s okay to fuck up. It’s not a good thing to do, but sometimes you just give in to your inner desires even though you know it’s so wrong because the things that seem right don’t seem right at all, they seem like a punishment, something that you can’t apprehend or won’t apprehend. As long as you acknowledge that you’ve fucked up and want to return to the right path or is reflecting upon it, then it’s alright.

We all tried to get him back on his feet and he was crying…a sight we’ve never seen before. He cried a lot when it was about Yesung, but he always tries to hide it from us because he wasn’t comfortable enough. But now, we see him crying his heart out in front of us, not giving a care for the world. It sincerely feels like we’ve become somewhat closer despite not seeing each other for two days.

Suddenly, Leeteuk peer around us, counting us mentally in his head. He looks worried for some reason and questions were flooding his eyes. I started to count us as well and got 12 members including myself…that seem about right, so why does he look so concern?

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt. If all of us are here, so who is the one holding onto to Ivan? A grin suddenly graces Leeteuk’s lips and I stare at him in confusion. I don’t think grinning right now would be the right thing to do.

I follow Leeteuk’s gaze to where Ivan is suppose to be standing and he was lying on the ground, on his side. What the hell is happening? Most of the members seem to have caught us while I hear a stifle of giggles from the group, follow by some suspicious grins.

“What happened?” Leeteuk ask with lint of amusement in his voice.

“Well…he was struggling too much…” Siwon spoke up, avoiding everyone’s stares. “And…I want to be a part of the hug as well…so I kind of…yeah,” he said while nodding his head while we laugh at him. The things we do for one hug.

“Well, we’re all going to head to the police station, and we’re going to confess everything,” Leeteuk announces, his motherly instinct kicking in.

“Wait…” a small voice speaks out and we all try to find the source of where it came from. Our eyes all landed on Ryeowook as he held up something that causes us all to smile so brightly.

“Maybe you didn’t lose all of your senses after all,” Eunhyuk says while crossing his arms and smirking at Ryeowook. I walk forward and took the tape recorder out of his hand and rewind it so we could listen to it. A few seconds later, we heard the conversation between Ryeowook and Ivan. Ivan confessing that he was the one that drugged Yesung and that he wanted to murder Ryeowook. We were all feeling the same thing. We were proud that Ryeowook did that.

“With this, then we have the right evidence to bring justice to Yesung,” Ryeowook says while we all put our arms around each other's shoulders and walk off to the car except for Siwon and Shindong who were busy dragging Ivan back.


After that incident, we all headed towards the police station with positivity. When we left, smiles were clearly plastered on our faces. The policemen acknowledge the tape recording as evidence and finally believe Ryeowook’s story. Ivan was put in jail until the court made its decision. It felt as if a big burden was lifted off our shoulders and everything ran in a full circle. We could boldly face Yesung again and say that justice is brought to him and we didn’t do it illegally.

When we walk out of the police station, I dug my hands into my pocket because of the sheer coldness and felt the cold texture of the gun. I had forgotten that it was in there. As I pulled it out, Hangeng flinched upon the sight of it.

“Ryeowook…were you really going to shoot him?” I ask while raising the gun up for him to see. The sight of the gun didn’t seem to hinder his happy expression and it scared me a bit.

“What do you think?” Ryeowook challenges us and we all seem to stop in our track and observe Ryeowook’s every action.

“Seriously?” Shindong asks, sounding a little scared at the realization that Ryeowook consider shooting Ivan…

“In the beginning, I was…I really was, that’s why I order some weapons from my friend. Then in the last minute, my wallet fell from the table and my ring fell out. The ring was given to me by Yesung and I think it served as a message, reminding me to not stray from the path of justice. I guess I was too blinded by bringing justice to Yesung that I didn’t think it through…Even if I force Ivan to the police station, would Ivan even confess? So I decided to change my plans and bring the tape recorder…” Ryeowook explains as we all nod in understanding but it didn’t seem to answer our question. Was he really going to shoot?

“Why did you bring the gun then?” Sungmin asks with genuine interest as his steady walk turns into a light hearted skip.

“I know that with the tape recorder it would be enough to put him in jail. But…by the time that I bring it to the police station, Ivan would have already left…so I was thinking of using the gun as a threat to bring him there…” Ryeowook says which makes all of our hearts relieve to hear the news.

“Let’s just get home and get some rest. Then we can enjoy our peaceful morning.” Leeteuk grumbles as we all laugh at his low stamina. I guess old people like him can’t handle all the actions that have been happening for the past few days.


On the contrary to what we thought, our peaceful morning was far from peaceful. We were awakened by the loud constant ringing of our doorbell. We all heard low grumbles and angry murmurs coming from each room and the person outside the door was impatient as they kept ringing the doorbell, refusing to take rejection at my answer.

Finally, we heard one of the doors open and slow heavy footsteps strutted towards the door. When he opens the door, we suddenly heard loud and urgent footsteps run back to the hallway. Soon annoying and loud bangings were heard.

“MANAGER HYUNG IS HERE!” a voice that I assume belongs to Kibum said. I instantly spring out of bed and dash for the door, followed by Hangeng. Our debut day is nearing so any meeting with manager hyung is vital.

As I glance around our living room, I saw tired eyes glancing back at me. Let’s just say, 6:22AM is not a good hour to call up a meeting, especially after what happened last night.

“Some of you may be aware that your debut day is in two months,” he said, while sitting down on the chair, holding both of his hands together.

“Yes, we are aware of that,” Leeteuk answers, mirroring our worried expressions.

“Yesung still shows no progress in this past month—"We all know where this is heading.

“Hyung, it has only been a month…some people take years to wake up,” Kangin says out of impulse.

“Exactly, if it takes years for him to wake up when your debut is in two months, then do you expect us to delay your debut until he wakes up?” Manager hyung questions angrily, obviously frustrated at the current situation. We all knew that we can’t wait years for our debut…some of us suffer through injuries, tears, and so many struggles to wait for the day to debut… Being torn like this, between our dream and our brotherhood is something so painful; it’s almost unbearable.

“So Lee Sooman-sshi propose something to you,” Manager hyung speaks up, while we all lean a little forward, eager to know what that proposal is.

“One…we carry on with the debut date and replace Yesung with another trainee.” From the looks in everyone’s eyes, we knew that that option was a big no.

“Two…we delay your debut for another three months, making it five months altogether. Even if Yesung doesn’t wake up, you’ll debut with 12 members. But within these five months, we expect improvement from all of you,” he says while looking at all of us. We all stared at each other, the worry swirling in a pool of mix emotions at both of the options. Neither of them seem very helpful but I knew that we were all learning towards the second option because that gave Yesung a chance to debut with us.

“We’ll take the second option,” Leeteuk spoke up, looking at all of us for approval and smiled a little when he received smiles in return.

“Alright, I’ll tell Lee Sooman-sshi,” he says while getting up. We all hurriedly greeted him out the door and when he left, we finally let our calm exterior peel off. Our worrisome personalities started to show and the questions and concern seep through.

“What if he seriously doesn’t wake up?!”

“How can we possibly improve?”

“Five more months…”

“Some people take years, and he’s giving us five months…is he crazy?!”

Through the midst of chaos, the phone started ringing. Honestly…why is it so hectic? And it’s only the morning?

Ryeowook, the closest to the phone went to go pick it up but stopped when he saw the display screen. “It’s from the Seoul hospital…” The Seoul hospital…the hospital Yesung is staying in…


DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN~!!! A lot actually happens in this chapter and I nearly died writing this but it's here~ Please comment, I want to see all of your thoughts they're going to affect the ending.
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