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I Still Care [12/14]

I Still Care

Yesung/Ryeowook, a few ninjas
R | Romance, Drama
Life was never particularly kind to Ryeowook. If it meant indulging him in the riches, opportunies thrown at him, then he doesn't need that kindness. All he wanted is a friend, but it's much too hard to ask for.
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, weapons, some vulgar slips, insanely OOC

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“The items have arrived.”

It was from an unknown number but I knew exactly who it’s from. I grin as my gaze averted back to Yesung. I felt a tint of happiness.

“Yesung…it’s finally time.”


“3…2…1!” Then an explosion of streamers, party poppers were raining down on us. We all erupted into a chorus of laughter and cheers. On short notice, Ivan told us that he was leaving to manage one of the branch companies overseas. As his secretary, the workload has been intense lately. It’s really rare to meet such a good boss so it’s disappointing to see him go. We don’t even know if he’ll be back or not but I wish him all the best.

“Soyoung, you’ve been an amazing secretary. It’s a shame that I can’t work together with you anymore,” Ivan says while extending his hand. I gladly shook it and return the smile.

“You’ve been a great boss, Ivan. You should really come back to visit.” With that, the day ended with tears and hugs. Ivan officially left this position and a new person will be coming tomorrow to take his place. I wonder…did Ivan really leave because of one threat?


I stared at Ivan walking into the alley through my binoculars. It was pretty late at night but judging from the rumors from the company, it seems as if he’s leaving soon. It’s rumored that he’s going overseas to take care of one of the branch companies but I doubt that was the case.

“Hyukkie…look, he’s meeting someone,” I said to Hyukjae who was in the driver’s seat. I hope manager hyung doesn’t mind us driving around in his car. But he can’t really disagree to Leeteuk, who’s persuading him. The person Ivan was meeting with had a dark hoodie on and seems to emerge from the darkness as if he was some ghost.

“Take pictures. Heechul might want to look at them,” he advises while he picks up the camera and gives it to me. As I brought the camera to face level, I saw Siwon and Kibum at the corner of the street, no doubt following him. As I took a few pictures of them, I notice the guy pass something to Ivan who shoves it into his pocket and walks out of the alley. Then, as casually as they could, Siwon and Kibum started walking behind Ivan.

“Should we get going then?” Eunhyuk ask as he started the engine but something made me unexpectedly shout for him to stop. It surprised Eunhyuk but he soon understood when he followed the direction of my finger.

“It’s Ryeowook.” Those words escape Hyukjae’s lips as Ryeowook step out from the shadows of the alley way and was in a heated discussion with the man in the hoodie. The man passes a piece of paper to Ryeowook and Ryeowook looked at it and a smile appeared. He casually stuffs it into his coat pocket and walks off in the other direction.

“What was that?” Hyukjae mutter as his eyes follow Ryeowook until he rounded the corner. I looked around and saw Sungmin and Kyuhyun in the car in the distant. I lock gazes with Sungmin who childishly wave back at us and Shindong suddenly appear, from the corner of the streets, hands full of food and headed towards their car.

“Let me call Leeteuk,” I said as I quickly dial his number.

“Hello hyung, we just saw Ryeowook associating with the man that was with Ivan,” I quickly said into the phone before Leeteuk could get a hello out.

“What?! I just heard from manager hyung that Ryeowook is taking a day off tomorrow. He called and told us that he won’t be at the dorms until the day after tomorrow…” Leeteuk responded and I felt my fingers go numb. What in the world is Ryeowook planning this time…and considering all of Ryeowook’s friends...this isn’t looking very good.

“Donghae, you took pictures, right? Remember to bring them back so we can look at them,” Leeteuk advise while I nodded in agreement though I knew he couldn’t see.

“I got it, Hyung,” I said before both of us hung up. I stare at the window to find that Siwon and Kibum were nowhere to be seen.

“WHERE’S SIWON AND KIBUM!?” I exclaim as I frantically scan the streets trying to find them. We forgot about them when I called Leeteuk.

“Hyukjae…what do we do?!” I said as I grab his arms and shook it hysterically. Hyukjae sigh as he started the engine again.

“I already called them while you were talking to Leeteuk. Ivan made it back to his house. We have to go pick them up now,” he says while turning the steering wheel. I felt a smile tug at my lips. Honestly…what would I do without Hyukjae....


I smile at the note, still warm in my pocket. The dock that Ivan’s leaving from isn’t far from the place I’m currently renting. I’m surprise Ivan didn’t notice me in the alleyway. It was pretty dark but I guess he was overjoy at the mention of his departure. When I arrived home, a package was sitting on my table and when I opened it…I smirked. Just what I needed.

Suddenly, my wallet fell from the table and the ring rolled out. I bent down and picked it up…I stared at it for a little longer, just letting the memories take over my mind. I curled my hand into a fist with the ring in the middle. Would Yesung ever approve of this? I close my eyes and felt so frustrated with myself. Honestly… what am I even doing right now? I know Yesung would be so disappointed in me if he found out but I can’t let Ivan go…The police won’t believe me, Ivan’s going to leave soon and this case would be filed under the “unsolved” category. It’s unfair to Yesung. I put the ring back into my wallet and knew that I was doing the right thing.


So, what do you think of the plotline so far =D I wrote so much but not much actually happens~ And and and! THE NEXT UPDATE WILL BE COMING SOON :D LOL, I wrote it all yesterday but decided that it was wayy too long so I splitted it into two chapters :3

I thank my beta for putting up with me and my many many mistakes <3 and thank my readers ^^~ silent ones and the commentors :)! I hope you all enjoy this and continue to support it :)!

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