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Forget Me [3/?]

Forget Me [3/?]

Kangin/Leeteuk, slight Hangeng/Heechul
PG-13 | Angst, Romance, Drama
Snow, delicate snow, all but a moment's fascination, then ever so slightly, it melts from your mind. Just like love, just like Leeteuk.
Warnings: AU!Kangteuk

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The constant and utterly random giggles I hear from Leeteuk these days have been increasing and they annoy the hell out of me.

“YAH!” I yell as I throw a pillow his direction. It hit him in the face but he showed no response and continued to stare at his cell phone, a smile never leaving his expression.

“Sorry Chullie, I’m just a bit too happy,” Leeteuk replies when he notices my death glare aim at him. I roll my eyes; a bit too happy is an understatement. He’s been like this for a while now and it’s irritating me. First…I don’t know who this man is…second…I can’t study the textbook seriously and third…just because I’m unaware of Leeteuk’s surroundings. He usually tells me everything that happens or I should KNOW everything that’s happening. I’m Kim Heechul, I should know these things and when I’m in the darkness, it frustrates me and feeds my desire to know more.

“Over a guy you’ve only known for a month?” I ask, throwing my textbook on my bed. It’s too late to study now, its interrogation time.

“Yes, Kangin ~ He’s really considerate and it’s so easy to talk to him. We seem to match really well ~” Leeteuk beams, sending imaginary sparkles and sun rays at me. I roll my eyes at him.

“You do know that you barely know anything about him, right?” I say, trying to test out his feelings for this so call, "Kangin." I watch as Leeteuk snaps out of his strange Kangin daze and sits upright on his bed, opening his mouth, getting ready to hurl responses at my face.

“It’s not about how much I know about him that brings us close. It’s about the things that I DO know about him that makes him great,” Leeteuk responds, carefully choosing his words.

Yup. Leeteuk, you’re in deep shit. You’re starting to get too attach to this man. I smirk while Leeteuk continue to look fluster. He seems to have gotten even more agitate upon seeing my smirk. I am such a jerk...I am enjoying this way too much.

“I see, just letting you know that he can be a mass criminal for all you know,” I warn again, way too amuse by his bewilder expression.

“He’s not!” Leeteuk retorts back with his eyes widened in shock at my blunt statement.

“Okay, okay ~” I tease as Leeteuk stays mad at me for accusing Kangin for being this and that while I just grin in enjoyment. Seeing a fluster Leeteuk is something rare and I love seeing him like this.

“I’m going to go now,” Leeteuk says before grabbing his coat and running out the door. I smirk as he hurriedly rushes out the door to avoid my smart remarks.

Kangin…it looks like we’ll need to have a chat soon.


“Your stomach’s growling,” I remarked as a low rumble was heard a few seconds before. Kangin shyly lowers his head to pat his stomach.

“With the exams coming up and the frequent hospital visits, I haven’t found time to eat properly,” he confesses while looking slightly embarrass. I chuckle at his cute reaction and could feel my eyelids threatening to shut me off from the world.

“Want to go have some late night dinner? I’m hungry myself,” I suggest while leaning my head against the top of the bench. My stomach has been scolding me for a while now, demanding food but I ignored it, not wanting to leave.

“That sounds great, I know a great place nearby,” he mentions, his expression immediately lightening up.

“Let’s go then,” I smile while standing up and letting him lead the way. A hint of confusion and surprise fill his eyes but I decide to ignore it. This looks like a good day ~


“The food is here,” the waitress’ voice rang, her eyes glue to Leeteuk who buries his head in his arms. She seems to be waiting for Leeteuk to acknowledge her because she’s been batting her eyelashes every second and her voice has this annoying squeak to it.

“Thank you,” I replied while her smile slightly falters. She seems to be disappointed that I was the one to answer her while Leeteuk quietly snored in response. Noticing Leeteuk’s lack of attention, she places the dishes down abruptly, causing the glasses to shake and stomp off with a pout on her face.

I chuckle at the waitress’ response. Leeteuk isn’t the type of person to fall head over heels in love with someone who looks like a plastic doll. Well…he could, but you get the point, personality over looks…it’s the inside that counts.

“Hey…hey…” I nudge Leeteuk, shaking his arm vigorously. Leeteuk reluctantly peered up from his arms and he looked adorable, almost like a 5-year-old who just woke up.

“What time is it?” He asks in an almost inaudible tone, his body demanding for more sleep. I glance at my watch.

“It is currently 7:52PM, your supper came by the way,” I said as I motion towards the food in front of him. His eyes broke into a little smile and he chuckles a little.

“To sleep or eat…the choices,” he mumbles while raising his head from his arms, peering around, and his eyes squinting in discomfort at the bright surrounding.

“The moment you rested your head in your arms, I heard you snoring…are you that tired?” I ask, my voice surprisingly engulf with concern for him.

“It is the times before exams, so I have to study…I’m on a scholarship so it heavily depends on my grades,” he explains while taking little sips of his soup. He winces a little and starts to fan his tongue. At that moment, he looks so cute…

“You don’t sleep because of exams, and I don’t eat because of exams. You can say that we’re pretty similar,” I remark. If I could count our similarities, the list would be endless but if these kinds of lists were long, then it’s a good thing, right?

“From the beginning, I knew that we were similar,” he replies smartly while smiling at me warmly, the heat quickly spreading inside of me. What made me embarrass was not because of his twinkling eyes or the sweetness in his tone but the fact that he was right. We did match from the beginning, connected with our obsession of snow, then our easy going-ness; yes, that’s a word now and so much more.

I was going to open my mouth to speak when giggles from the back interrupted me. I averted my glaze towards the counter and found the waitresses giggling and eyeing us. They started to squeal even more and I graciously looked away from them. Leeteuk seem to notice me stopping in mid sentence so he follows my gaze and sees the waitresses. Upon seeing him, they giggle louder and the chatter started.

“You’re quite popular,” Leeteuk comments while I shrug my shoulders.

“Same goes to you,” I reply. Now that I look at it, Leeteuk is handsome. His eyes are so captivating and I feel that I could stare in it forever and no specks of boredom will hinder the moment. His voice when he speaks is full of confidence and yet there are moments when he’s shy like right now.

“When you live with a roommate that could suppress a woman’s beauty, you would feel pressure to try to look your best,” he says in a teasing voice while I just smile at him. Leeteuk telling me about his personal life fascinated me, and I sometimes find myself asking for more…I don’t know why but I just do…

“Does that type of person exist?!” I ask. A male who’s even prettier than a female…

“He does! But when he talks…then the initial image you held for him disintegrates. He’s feminine looking but has a really masculine personality,” he continues to chatter about his unique roommate.

He notice that he’s been talking for a while now and stops, looking at me apologetically.

“It’s okay, you can continue,” I urge him to continue while he shakes his head.

“I’ve been talking for a while now, tell me about yourself…” Leeteuk suggests while he just stares at me, awaiting my answer.

“Well…where do I start?” I ask. This felt like the awkward conversation you first have when you’re meeting someone for the first time.

“Who do you visit in the hospital?" He asks while I felt knots in my stomach tightening, giving me a sickening feeling. Yoonji…

I close my eyes and it took my every courage to say the next few lines. “My girlfriend, Yoonji…” I don't like telling people that Yoonji is in the hospital…I don't want to accept the reality that faces me but Leeteuk is always an exception.

Leeteuk’s eyes quickly fill with regret and pity upon hearing my answer. “Forget I ever ask-“

“It’s okay, I can talk about it.” I was slightly lying but I didn’t like the pity that Leeteuk’s eyes held for me…I didn’t want our friendship to be tainted with feelings of pity and sympathy.

“I don’t come from a well off family so funding for school was difficult. I could barely scrape past each day… I met Yoonji one fateful day and she had such a pure personality. She attracted me in so many ways with her confidence, her generosity, everything. I soon found out that she was from a well off family. Her family didn’t approve of us, but didn’t go as far as to break us up. What puts me to shame this very day is Yoonji giving me money for my apartment, and school fees… She insisted that I keep the money and I really needed it… Without her…I wouldn’t be where I am today…one day though, we had this stupid argument and she just stormed off on me…and she was in an accident that resulted in a coma…she never came back…” I confess. I could feel traces of tears stinging the back of my eyes as I forcefully close my eyes. Just let me go with this last bit of pride that I have left…

“Yoonji will open her eyes one day…she has so many people waiting for her…she’ll definitely wake up…” Leeteuk assures me while giving me a pat on the shoulder. I smile weakly at his support. Now that I think about it…I’ve never told anyone about this before… Sure, I have friends but I brush them away, saying I was okay. Then again…Leeteuk is always an exception.

“Thank you, Leeteuk.”


I know the story is getting long and not much progress but I don't want to jump too fast into the confession and make you guys develope sympathy and stuff for the characters to create a better effect :)!

Have a good day ^^


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