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Forget Me [2/?]

Forget Me

Kangin/Leeteuk, slight Hangeng/Heechul
PG-13 | Angst, Romance, Drama
Snow, delicate snow, all but a moment's fascination, then ever so slightly, it melts from your mind. Just like love, just like Leeteuk.
Warnings: AU!Kangteuk



In the next few days, the number of conversations with this frequent stranger increase. I found that his name is Park Jungsoo, but he’s called Leeteuk by his seniors and juniors at his university. He’s surprisingly older than me by a year despite his youthful exterior. He’s in his fourth year of marketing and business and he looks like he’s getting remarkable grades base on his vast knowledge despite him being so modest about it.

“Isn’t the snow so pretty?” Leeteuk ask, captivated by the snow glistening down on us.

“It’s something to be cherish,” I respond as the snowflakes bounce off my coat and crumble into tiny little snow particles. I felt a tint of sadness as I watched it disappear; if only they could crystallize and stay in their current state for a little longer.

“It’s a real shame that the snowflakes disappear so quickly. The person immediately forgets the previous snowflake when they are fascinated with a new one. It seems kind of crazy of me to say that but it’s interesting how easily fascinated we are,” I said as I stare at the trees, completely veneer with a thin layer of snow, and thought how majestic it felt to see the snow shimmering ever so beautifully under sunlight.

“It’s not crazy at all. That’s the reason why I love snow globes. It never stops snowing in that little world, and it truly is magnificent,” he said with sparkles in his eyes. I feel like this was what we have in common; our abnormal fascination over snow.

“I KNOW RIGHT!” I exclaim while I could feel the excitement bubbling inside of me. Then Leeteuk’s eyes glisten brighter than ever and we were in a heated conversation over snow, where the most beautiful place to see snow is, and the most beautiful snowflake we’ve ever seen and so on.

I look at my watch and time flies by oh so fast when I’m talking with Leeteuk. It’s just that we seem to get along together so well. It really is great to meet someone like him briefly.

“It looks like I have to go. It’s time for my daily visit,” I said, slightly regretting those words that escape my lips. He seems to feel the same way because his smile looks forced and lack the genuine jollity it usually held before.

Leeteuk suddenly requests something as I was getting ready to get up, “Do you mind if we exchange phone numbers? It might be too sudden or absurd of me to say…but it’s really nice talking to you…actually never mind, this is too selfish of me to ask.”

“Ohh no, don’t think that! I feel that it would be great if we could have other means of communication. It would be great if we could grow to become greater friends,” I reply as a smile slowly brightens his face and I could feel a smile stupidly evading my face.

"It's nice that we think the same,” he smiles happily and took out his cell phone quickly. We exchange numbers joyously and I left to enter the hospital.


I hear the annoying squeaks of my sneakers as they make contact with the overly clean floor. When the familiarity of the hallway sinks in my brain, I feel a sense of relaxation. Almost near my destination.

But the infrequent sight of an unfamiliar figure catches me off guard. My eyes settle on the figure for a few more milliseconds until I recognize who she is. I immediately rush to hurriedly greet her.

“Hello, Mrs. Lee,” I say politely, bowing down 90 degrees. I didn’t dare look up at her because I admit, I’m scared of her reaction. What if she still doesn’t acknowledge my existence? What if she still doesn’t accept me?

“Hmm… How is Yoonji doing?” she asks, ignoring my previous statement. Mrs. Lee’s voice was as cold as ice and showed no initiate interest in me whatsoever. I slowly lift my head and her gaze was glue to Yoonji sleeping peacefully inside. Yoonji’s slight rise in her chest and her oxygen mask getting misty from her exhaling, Yoonji who looks like she’s just sleeping... Yoonji whom I love so much.

“Her conditions are the same, ma’am,” I respond, choosing my words carefully. One wrong word and it’s all over; I can’t see Yoonji anymore.

“What does that mean?” she challenges, her voice sending cold shivers down my spine.

“She shows no sign of progress.” After the words left my lips, it grew quiet to the point when it was scary.

“How long has it been since she’s been here, Youngwoon…” she absentmindedly asks, her voice acquiring a sudden wave of sadness and despair. I’m not entirely sure if she really wanted to hear an answer, but I decide to reply anyway.

“She’s been in a coma for one year.” One year has pass since that accident; one year of painfully waiting, one year of hopes being broken, one year since I’ve been visiting this hospital.

“What if she doesn’t wake up?” she continues to question me, testing my faithfulness to her precious daughter.

“I’ll wait for her,” I proudly respond while a tiny smile crept on her face. She was satisfied with my response but she wasn’t ready to accept me yet.


“Forever.” That’s when her grin was notably visible, but she quickly reverted back to her first initiate imagine of a cold hearted figure.

“I see. I hope you keep your word. I’ll be taking my leave now,” she spoke up as she whipped out her cell phone and started to dial a number. When she finally turns to face me, I could see her brows furrow in worry and her love for Yoonji was showing in her eyes. She gave me a slight nod when she passes me. At least she acknowledges my existence up to this point.

I quietly open the door and enter the hospital room. She really does look peaceful sleeping like this. I carefully shelter her hand in mine and her hand felt cold to the touch...just like her mother’s voice. I stroke her hand tenderly.

“Yoonji, how are you?” I cheerfully ask while I gave her hand a little squeeze. As usual, she didn’t respond so I continue to speak. The doctor said that these conversations would help encourage her to open her eyes some day.

“University’s been eating my time lately, so my visits are getting shorter. I hope you understand, Yoonji. You’ve been asleep for too long. Aren’t you worried about getting fat? You’ve always been someone who cares a lot about their figure, so please wake up soon! When you do, you’ll notice that I have become a man that you can depend on. Lately, I’ve met this man, Leeteuk. He’s a really interesting fellow and we get along well. He’s very outgoing and he has an interesting gift with words. I’m sure you’ll be great friends. Also, your friends are visiting you more often; they’re worry about you, Yoonji. Please wake up soon…and I love you…” I place a soft kiss on her forehead and neatly tuck her hands under the blanket. I could feel the tears itching at the corner of my eyes and wipe them with my sleeves.

I quietly leave the hospital room and made my way home, in hopes that Yoonji will wake up some day.


Thanks guys for all the comments :) I was so insanely touch by them ~ I posted this on sjw but there wasn't much of a response so I almost thought of dropping this but it looks like people like this so I'm keeping it :D

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