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Forget Me [1/?]

Forget Me [1/?]

Kangin/Leeteuk, slight Hangeng/Heechul
PG-13 | Angst, Romance, Drama
Snow, delicate snow, all but a moment's fascination, then ever so slightly, it melts from your mind. Just like love, just like Leeteuk.
Warnings: AU!Kangteuk


Yes, I'm starting another fanfic and have a lot of unfinish ones but I got inspiration for this when I was walking home and the snows were falling down ^^ Anyway...continue reading :)!


The soft gentle breeze places soft kisses on my cheeks. I admire the sight before me, the first snowfall of Seoul; in fact, it’s going to be snowing all week. What a wonderful gift to receive after finishing one long day of class. The path suddenly seems more festive and joyous with children’s laughter serenading the background. I lay my hand out, palm facing the sky and see which snowflakes land on my hand. As one lightly lands on my palm, it slowly disintegrates into tiny pieces and disappears into nothingness.

It’s interesting how every snowflake that falls from the sky is different. None of them are alike. It’s a brilliant thought, and I find it incredible how it’s so similar to people. In this world, you will never find two people that are identical, appearance wise and personality wise. If I can find a snowflake that will stay on my palm forever, imagine how happy I’ll be… If I can spend my life with someone I unconditionally love, then I’ll be bursting with happiness.

The mere sight of Seoul cover in snow makes a soft smile tug on my lips. Soon I reach my destination and the smile is slightly wavered by the agonizing thought of sadness. The hospital…I look around, scanning my surroundings for no apparent reason. Then the sight of a tall slender male, completely dress in white catches my attention. My eyes narrow in discomfort upon seeing him. Wearing white clashes with the snow; it's blinding. Despite the discomfort, I can clearly see the merriment beaming on his face. He looks like an angel without wings. His eyes are lock on the snowflakes that gently flutter down, and he slightly reaches for one. I stop in my track and feel a sense of fascination and attraction towards him; we share the same excitement towards the snowflakes.

For the next few days, I see him every day, standing or sitting on the bench, admiring the snow. And every day, I stop and stare at him, and wish that I could befriend him. This undeniably desire to just talk to him grew bigger and bigger each day. Now that I have a better view of him, he has beautiful eyes that possess a bright glimmer in them. His hair is a magnificent shade of chestnut and it was cut short.


“Hello? Excuse me? Mister?” a voice soothingly rang in my ears. The voice was comforting to the ears and a hint of concern was clearly evidential. My eyelids slowly open and I was face to face with an angel.

His hand was on my shoulder, lightly shaking me awake. If it wasn’t him, and was someone else, cuss words would be hurled at the person’s face.

“What is it?” I ask, with simple curiosity, me making no motive to move. It’s strange how his eyes are like a portal to his feelings. Just look into his eyes and you’ll how he’s feeling. Right now, he seems relieve to see me awake and speaking.

“Oh, nothing. I just notice that you’re sleeping and it’s getting dark. So I decided to wake you up before it gets too late,” he remark, smiling so brightly, dimples flashing. I soon was mesmerized by his soft velvet voice and his charming smile.

I look at my coat and notice that the snow is piling up on my arm. I carelessly brush the snow off and watch as it cascaded into the ground.

“Thank you for waking me up. I might have spent the whole night here and end up sick,” I thanked him and he responded with a "no problem." Then the silence swallowed both of us and he started to fidget with his hand as a sign of discomfort and anxiety.

“I see you here often,” I spoke up, not wanting to let this opportunity slip away.

“My university is close by, so I stop by here pretty often,” he, not giving much thought.

“What about you? I see you here quite often as well,” he asks, with sheer curiosity in his eyes.

“There’s someone that I visit here frequently,” I said as I was motioning towards the hospital with a slight nudge of my head.

“Oh,” he mumbles, his mouth in the shape of an o. “You’re studying to be an engineer?” he asks while looking at the textbook on my lap. Thank goodness no one took it and sold it online while I was asleep; imagine how much fortunate it would cost to buy a new one.

“Ah, yes. It’s been my dream for a while, how about you?” I ask, looking for a clue to indicate what career he might be involved with. Something that requires helping people? Social worker? Teacher?

“I’m currently studying marketing and business,” he responded, trying to hide the obvious, surprise expression on my face. Him? Working in a big company, holding numerous conferences a day? Staying in an office? I couldn’t imagine any of this happening at all but who am I imagine him doing this and that when I barely knew the man.

“I guess I should be going now. It is getting rather late…” he said, looking at his watch. I look at mine and the numbers 9:26PM struck me. OH MY GOSH, IT IS LATE. When did it get so late? How did I even fall asleep…

After visiting her in the hospital, I let a sigh of relief escape my lips as I could finally breathe again. The textbooks feel especially heavy today and the long hours of studying have been increasing a lot due to the increase of assignments, tests and the thing all students dread, exams. Suddenly the hospital bench looks so welcoming and comfortable.

Ah~ That’s right. That’s how I fell asleep.

“I guess I should be going as well. It is late and there’s still unfinished homework,” I got up and did a little stretch before getting ready to leave. We parted our separate ways and I felt a sense of accomplishment.
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